Hi, I am Holly. I look forward to meeting you!

I have been working in the field of eating disorders for 12 years. I am a 2005 graduate from Umass Lowell with a major in psychology and a 2009 graduate from Boston University with my Masters in Social Work. I am committed to helping you find your path to recovery.

My professional experience has included working at Walden Behavioral Care in their inpatient, residential and outpatient programs. I spent two years working at the Multi-service Eating Disorders Association (MEDA) as their Director of Education and Outreach. Most recently, I have worked closely with Dr. James Greenblatt as the Clinical Director of his private practice, Comprehensive Psychiatric Resources, in Waltham, MA.

I believe in RECOVERY. I want to help you work through areas of your life that are holding you back from achieving your goals. In order for therapy to be effective it is important to create a safe space where you feel comfortable to talk and explore your feelings. I will work hard to ensure safety and trust. Typically, it will take a client a few sessions to decide whether this therapeutic relationship feels like a good fit. If at any time you have feedback for me to incorporate into our sessions I encourage you to share your thoughts. If after a few sessions you feel that this is not a good fit for you I will provide referrals to help you find a new therapist to help you work towards your goals.


Hi, my name is Ashley! Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

I have been working directly in the field of mental health counseling since 2012. I am a 2009 graduate from Rivier College with a bachelor’s in psychology and a 2013 graduate from Rivier University with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling. I am grateful for this opportunity in allowing me to join you in your journey to recovery.

I started working in Human Services in 2009, with the beginning of my professional foundation built on residential and case management experience. From there, I was given the opportunity to work at Lowell Adult Day Treatment and Bridgewell Counseling Services to assist those with persistent and chronic mental illness. My experience gained from this organization includes; anxiety, depression, substance use, eating disorders and psychosis. After five wonderful years, I started working for Lowell House, Inc., providing clinical services to the Middlesex Sherriff’s Office, supervising the Glenice Sheehan Women’s residential program and providing individual and group therapy to those pursuing their own recovery.

My philosophy is that recovery is a journey where we learn about ourselves, our struggles and most importantly, our strengths. My biggest priority in therapy is to provide a safe space; one free of judgement, to promote trust by learning from one another, and feeling supported in the most difficult areas in our lives.

My practice is one of which incorporates an eclectic therapeutic approach from holistic practices to the utilization of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. I believe the strongest relationships are formed through trust and feedback. I always encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback, because this is YOUR treatment and if it does not feel right to you, let me know and we can work together in getting you your best fitting treatment.